Friday, March 20, 2015

How to make your own lip product

 Homemade Natural Lip Balm

I made so many of theses chap sticks it was fun to make and easy. You can do this for any occasion. Just hanging out with your friends why not make some juicy chap stick. Whoa you have to babysit no problem this will be fun for any 5-12 year old and why not after words make some koolaid to drink!:) First we are making a simple chap-stick the things you will need is: a container to put it in, Vaseline, a spoon to take out some Vaseline and koolaid. Get your spoon ready and fill your container three forth (3/4) of Vaseline. Open your koolaid but there are so many to pick of. Tell you what make them all if you have time. But back to the how to now that you chose your koolaid now pure one full table spoon and mix it. You can     

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blog Review

Many blogs teach you how to do your make up, hairstyles and all of the above. Many are great resources, they have great instructions. One of the blogs I visited had many types of how to take care of your hair, skincare, and make overs. It has many instructions of how to do everything. I believe that is really good for beginners. It also has many examples in pictures the differences it makes of how they fill everything in. The part that is helpful for me is that they have pictures I'm more of a visual learner. They also sell the make up there also that's cool too. I really think that we should just buy a similar thing at your local businesses. That way you save money and time. The stuff is actually really the same. They looks they show are great knowing you could easily learn to do it. It might seem hard but all you got to do is practice and practice. It was really hard for m e to understand the blogs I visited but i got the hang of it after reading it a couple of times.The thing I really disliked a bout visiting many blogs is that they have way to many adds. I know they want to make money of it but come on we want to see your beautiful work as well. The fact that they show that too is so we know whats up. I in my opinion I would love to see more of their work then adds. The adds just make you want to move to the next page that's what happened with me I didn't even want to visit anymore blogs because of all the adds. Although I really enjoyed looking at many blogs, many weren't as great as others. I really liked the way everything was arranged on the blogs. I hope if I do theses kinds of things people tell me on my blog. I would love people to visit my blog and actually understand and like my blog not just to leave my page right away. I hope you guys liked this blog post. :)   

Monday, March 9, 2015

Animal testing

beauty brands that do not test on animals

As an animal lover I do not believe that Animals should be tested on. Although many companies do test on the poor innocent animals. A survey done in 2011 shows they are against the animals testing in the united states. In the European Union is totally against animal tested and has banned all products tested on animals. This was just exactly two years ago in march. China is also moving away from the testing on animals. unfortunately things here in the United States things are way different. The selling of animal testing is really common even if they don't think it is. Many claim they don't sale animal tested items but they wont tell you that. That way they know if it will hurt a human or not. So many try to stop the animal abuse and torture of this mad mess. I'm really against this because they are living they feel everything they do to them its so heart breaking. They are not some toys that you can put make up on and torture them. A lot of animals are killed in the processes also because they insert many products into their bodies. The put injection in their eyes that make them have many consequences. They loose eye vision really quickly. They have many face dis-figuration. The testing also kills their insides. I have found a website where we can donate to and is safe to donate.  

Friday, February 27, 2015

How to fill in and shape your eyebrows


Well get your tweezers out. Unless u go to a professional and you get them threaded and or waxed.

Start by examining your eyebrows figure out where they start they have to start as you will see in my picture blow. They have to start at the number 1.

Your eyebrow will have an arch naturally, unless it wasn't the case in yours. The arch should start at the end of your pupil. Also known as number 2.

Your eyebrow should end at an angle of the end of your eye.Shown as number 3.


get out your eyebrow gel and or eyebrow pencil.

Lets get started! :)

First of all start by underlining the bottom of your brow.

Now fill in little by little using small strokes 

after that outline the top 

The last part you will have to do is council the bottom and top of your eyebrow with your foundation or you can use a council as well

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nicole Guerriero

Nicole Guerriero was my inspiration to start doing my makeup. She has tutorials on many types of any type of thing you need. She is really famous in the makeup area. She started YouTube and wants to continue with her carrier as a YouTuber. She doesn't want children at the moment, as she has told her follows and subscribers. She has her own beauty line which I say that's pretty incredible she went from just started her YouTube to having her beauty line. She shows step by step on all her tutorials. She has the ability to not listen to all her haters leaving rude comments on all her videos. They will call her fake and cake face but she loves what she does and that won't change at all she has been big all around. In her beauty line right now she has facial care creams and oils. The way she grew big makes me want to work hard for what I want in life. She inspires me to go to beauty school and learn all of this and become a makeup artist one day. Her skin care line is bestdamnbeauty. She is barely starting her line but its a success. She is making money out of it which is a great profit. She's a wonderful person and I would personally want to meet her. I have been watching her YouTube channel since summer and I'm up to date on all her channels she is really good at what she does.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Perfect, Imperfect

Grab your sponge
your brushes
the drippy foundation
applied to your face
the lines
drawn with the contouring brush
the highlighting
with a sponge
the dark color of the contouring
the pale color of the highlight
the lovely red on my cheeks.

Sometimes I think
that I really need makeup
to hide me from myself.

When I look in the mirror
all I see is my shy, bottled-up, confined
brought to life
small eyes,
full lips
full of lies,
acne bumpy as mountains
so maybe the one, two, three layers of
slick and color and shine
will hide the imperfections.

But maybe one day I'll have the courage
to wash all the makeup away
to not feel imperfect ever again.