Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Perfect, Imperfect

Grab your sponge
your brushes
the drippy foundation
applied to your face
the lines
drawn with the contouring brush
the highlighting
with a sponge
the dark color of the contouring
the pale color of the highlight
the lovely red on my cheeks.

Sometimes I think
that I really need makeup
to hide me from myself.

When I look in the mirror
all I see is my shy, bottled-up, confined
brought to life
small eyes,
full lips
full of lies,
acne bumpy as mountains
so maybe the one, two, three layers of
slick and color and shine
will hide the imperfections.

But maybe one day I'll have the courage
to wash all the makeup away
to not feel imperfect ever again.


  1. This is a amazing poem. It really comes to life before your eyes. One these day I hope you can.

  2. Your poem is very strong. It is true sometimes we put makeup to hide little things that really make us look very cute. I’m sure you will have the courage to wash of all the makeup. You are very pretty in both ways but more the natural way you are