Monday, January 26, 2015

Wrong and Right

The things I really like about makeup is the way the colors make your eyes pop. I'm more of a natural color type of person I don't like those bright colors all up on your eye.

This type of make up doesn't make your eye pop this makes you look like a clown. The color is to dramatic for her it doesn't make eyes pop out. The thing that I would change I would just put it on the eyelid softly and not pull it all the way to the eyebrow. That is way too much.

This is how the eye make up should look like. Not to dark or dramatic, more of a natural look. Theses color are more soft. They actually make her eye pop. 

I love the cover up when its done right and you don't look orange and or darker then your neck. This for example is very off her natural skin color. 

This is what the cover up should look like the same color as your natural skin color or close to the same color. Also brought down to your neck so it evens everything out.   


  1. This is a nice post. It is helpful but I would say that sometimes it is okay to wear that much blue or bright eye shadows. It's pretty trendy right now but it's not something I would wear to school :) One thing I would say is that the color of your text and your font make it really hard to read. Besides that, this is a nice blog.

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  3. Hi, I think that sometimes you need to wear dark or bright colors once in awhile, so you have a different look. Like when you go to a party you could do your makeup differently, to change a little and daily basis, probably just mascara and eyeliner. I also agree on that you shouldn't use the eyeshadow up to the eyebrow because that isn't a correct way of applying eyeshadows. Nice blog keep up the good work.

  4. the girl with the orange face cracked me up! I like how you include examples, it really helps me get an idea of what your trying to say. Good job!

  5. Omg the very first picture with the girl with blue eye shadow made me laugh so much when you said it makes her look like a clown! I agree with that. I think girls who do their eye shadow like that don't know how to do their makeup. I also agree with the fact that some girls be wearing foundation that doesn't match their skin color, they be leaving their house like they stoled the neighbors flour. No offense!!! Anyways great job on this blog post. Really liked it!