Monday, January 12, 2015

My Reasons :)

The things I want learn about cosmetology are, eye shadow, contouring, foundation, blending, acne coverage, highlighting I can go on and on but I would bore you by explaining everything I want to learn. 

The first time I started wearing makeup was in the 6th grade but oh goodness let's not talk about that. I stopped and then in 8th grade I would just wear a little bit of eyeliner and that was it. Now that I'm in high school I started wanting to be more creative with makeup and try it.I started doing my eye shadow and eyeliner way more now.Sometimes I don't have time for all of that.I would get compliments people saying that they loved the way I combined my colors. One day my best friend asked me to do her makeup for a party. She ended up loving it and got lots of compliments. So then I asked my mom if she would let me do her makeup. She loved the way I did it and from then on I started doing my friend and moms make up. A lot of my friends asked me to do their make up too and of course me being me I said yes! I just want to get the opportunity to learn about it more. After high school I plan to go to beauty school. Long story short I have seen many people with harsh lines that I just want to grab their face and blend it for them but that is really rude. Also many people with over drawn eyebrows (their eyebrows are not on fleek).

In order to learn about this before I go to school for cosmetology I will research about it on YouTube and read books about it mean while. I just can not wait after High School to go to beauty school.            

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