Friday, February 27, 2015

How to fill in and shape your eyebrows


Well get your tweezers out. Unless u go to a professional and you get them threaded and or waxed.

Start by examining your eyebrows figure out where they start they have to start as you will see in my picture blow. They have to start at the number 1.

Your eyebrow will have an arch naturally, unless it wasn't the case in yours. The arch should start at the end of your pupil. Also known as number 2.

Your eyebrow should end at an angle of the end of your eye.Shown as number 3.


get out your eyebrow gel and or eyebrow pencil.

Lets get started! :)

First of all start by underlining the bottom of your brow.

Now fill in little by little using small strokes 

after that outline the top 

The last part you will have to do is council the bottom and top of your eyebrow with your foundation or you can use a council as well

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nicole Guerriero

Nicole Guerriero was my inspiration to start doing my makeup. She has tutorials on many types of any type of thing you need. She is really famous in the makeup area. She started YouTube and wants to continue with her carrier as a YouTuber. She doesn't want children at the moment, as she has told her follows and subscribers. She has her own beauty line which I say that's pretty incredible she went from just started her YouTube to having her beauty line. She shows step by step on all her tutorials. She has the ability to not listen to all her haters leaving rude comments on all her videos. They will call her fake and cake face but she loves what she does and that won't change at all she has been big all around. In her beauty line right now she has facial care creams and oils. The way she grew big makes me want to work hard for what I want in life. She inspires me to go to beauty school and learn all of this and become a makeup artist one day. Her skin care line is bestdamnbeauty. She is barely starting her line but its a success. She is making money out of it which is a great profit. She's a wonderful person and I would personally want to meet her. I have been watching her YouTube channel since summer and I'm up to date on all her channels she is really good at what she does.