Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blog Review

Many blogs teach you how to do your make up, hairstyles and all of the above. Many are great resources, they have great instructions. One of the blogs I visited had many types of how to take care of your hair, skincare, and make overs. It has many instructions of how to do everything. I believe that is really good for beginners. It also has many examples in pictures the differences it makes of how they fill everything in. The part that is helpful for me is that they have pictures I'm more of a visual learner. They also sell the make up there also that's cool too. I really think that we should just buy a similar thing at your local businesses. That way you save money and time. The stuff is actually really the same. They looks they show are great knowing you could easily learn to do it. It might seem hard but all you got to do is practice and practice. It was really hard for m e to understand the blogs I visited but i got the hang of it after reading it a couple of times.The thing I really disliked a bout visiting many blogs is that they have way to many adds. I know they want to make money of it but come on we want to see your beautiful work as well. The fact that they show that too is so we know whats up. I in my opinion I would love to see more of their work then adds. The adds just make you want to move to the next page that's what happened with me I didn't even want to visit anymore blogs because of all the adds. Although I really enjoyed looking at many blogs, many weren't as great as others. I really liked the way everything was arranged on the blogs. I hope if I do theses kinds of things people tell me on my blog. I would love people to visit my blog and actually understand and like my blog not just to leave my page right away. I hope you guys liked this blog post. :)   

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